Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tight like a knot

yesterday babs caught our neighbor trying to siphon gas from her car. we had a big laugh about it with him, because we said "man what re you doing!" and he said "i was just testing the neighborhood watch, and i guess you were wwatching hahaha" it was pretty cute. but part of me thinks he really wanted some gas, its a hot commodity right now and i dont know. hes a nice guy, but i just dont know. anyway we all went out for pizza afterwards, my treat. babs had one two many tom collinses and got PRETTY giggly. i would say she was as bubbly as the water in her tommy. (thats what we call them;) )anyway this guy walks up to us! walks right up, you know the type, he went to college for numbers or something. anyway he had glasses and he said right to babs! you are stupid. and he walked away or started to anyway and i tapped him on the shoulder and said, "shes not stupid shes just perfect." and his eyes went soft and he actually hugged me. instead of being stupid, she is perfect she is someone i really love. and that guy really understood.

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marcy photography project said...

gosh, this is just my favorite thing you have ever written.
E:) thats you wearing a crown i wish i could give you.